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Gallery of Catholic Artifacts

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All materials on this page Copyrighted by Catholic Home and Garden. All rights reserved.

Over the course of time, we've found some truly wonderful Catholic artifacts in the hundreds of estates we've visited.

The process of building a photo archive is a slow and tedious one. All material is copyrighted. If you would like to use it, please email us for permission.

We hope you enjoy them and that they will encourage you to preserve the artifacts you find for future generations.  For the most part, these items would have been destroyed, and the loss to the culture of Catholicism would take another step forward. Many of these items are part of our home, and some have gone on to other Catholic homes.
Catholic Art

Partial Collection Now Available

The Miraculous Infant of Prague



Nun Collectibles

Nun Dolls

Nun Figurines

Musical Nuns

Nun Doll Collections

Books About Nuns

Catholic Children's Books

Partial Collection Now Available

Crucifixes and Crosses

Holy Water Fonts

Holy Cards

Partial collection now available

Head Vases and Planters

Miniature Churches

Holy Medallions

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Mixed Groups

Missals and Prayer Books

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Scapulars, Badges Other Sacramentals

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Rosaries and Chaplets

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Indoor Statuary

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Front Yard Shrines


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Statuary Repair

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Ideas for Recycling

Old Catholic Sacramentals

Do you have a photo of a favorite Catholic Treasure you'd like to share?

Please let us know - we'd love to include it in our collection.


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All materials on this page Copyrighted by Catholic Home and Garden. All rights reserved.