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Statues and Planters


Statues of the Sacred Heart, Immaculate Heart and the Saints should be a staple in every Catholic home. As you can imagine, ours is bursting with them. With the exception of a few that are well-loved - the three that were on my mother's dresser when I was growing up - we tend to have an ever revolving assortment in our home.

From time to time, the estate sale professionals call us when they have something outstanding (Translation: no one else would want it but you crazy people). These included a 4' statue of St. Clare, a china cabinet that had been turned into a shrine encasing a 4' tall statue of St. Anthony complete with a pedestal, lights, and a lily arch, and presently a rather huge hand-carved wood statue of St. Francis that will be there until I can figure out how to pack him. The statue of Mary in our garden was also a rescue from a garden center - she had a broken hand. She stands on a very old marble pedestal marked with Crosses - another rescue.

There is also a gold colored statue of a boy dressed in quasi-military clothing, looking upwards with a Cross at his chest. This one comes from the special estate I mentioned elsewhere.  At one time, I had a rather large collection of Mary head vases, but was forced to sell them. Perhaps I will collect more one day. Again, these images are limited as we lost many due to computer crashes, but we hope you enjoy them.

Another homemade devotional

I really loved this unusual little statue of Mary

Our Lady of Grace

St. Lucy below

This Infant of Prague had the most beautifully detailed painting, particularly the eyes

This is a pretty Mary planter

The Holy Family. Below is an extremely old statue of St. Joseph from Germany

I love these old plastic statue shrines. This one dates to the 1940s

A beautiful visage of Mary in Chalkware

These Domincan nuns were my sister's and we had them for ages. They were recently auctioned off to benefit the retirement home in Amityville.