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Catholic Art

The artwork presented here is only a photo archive of a tiny portion of the art we have handled. It is not available for sale.

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Madonna and Child by Chambers.  Donated to a priest  in Santa Rosa, NM who  used the black and white version for his ordination invitation

The Call - Chambers

The Sacrifice of the Mass Chromolith Circa 1940

An exceptionally beautiful print of the Sacred Heart of Jesus circa 1945 which currently hangs in our office.

A hand tinted lithograph of the Sacred Heart circa 1910 Framed Enthronement of the Sacred Heart print circa 1954 Very fragile print of the Sacred Heart circa 1942 - damaged where the backing did not completely cover it. Sacred Heart of Jesus with glitter details - Mexico
Jesus Carries the Cross - chromolith on canvas. Hand painted Sacred Heart on silk. Circa 1890 Embroidered Sacred Heart on Linen Circa 1930 Very large Sacred Heart on log slice. About 3 feet tall. Circa 1945

Victorian era Panis Angelicus with cut out floral decor and ribbon Print on textured board circa 1955 The Child Jesus Circa 1942 Two Hearts from Italy circa 1950
An image of the Shroud of Turin on board with braided silk cord for hanging. Billed as a "photograph of Jesus" - the back has a description of the Shroud and a pocket to keep an article on the authentication. Pair of icons on wood circa 1970 Framed print of Jesus with children. Circa 1958.
The Last Supper has yielded an unending array of Catholic artifacts. Some are more attractive than others. Surprisingly, modern Catholics do not count these as their favorites.

A rather large three dimensional Last Supper in metal

A brightly colored Last Supper on board. Popular at saving stamp redemption centers The Last Supper on log slice. Circa 1942 Holland Mold Last Supper curiously glazed tan. Circa 1962

Reticulated Images first gained popularity in the 1940s. While most of us will agree that they are rather awful, there is a danger that they will fall into the hands of those who will view them as kitch. Today, they have value in captivating the imaginations of children who will find them fascinating.

This reticulated image is in a surprisingly nice frame and alternates images of the Last Supper and rendition of Sallman's Head of Christ. Shown are both images as well as the transition image

Not a true reticulated piece, this is a three dimensional image of a claymation type Jesus Knocking on the door of the Heart.

A reticulate - 3D hybrid of the Cross with Crown of Thorns over the ocean A rather tasteful reticulated image of the Shroud of Turin and the Face of Jesus alive. While this one dates to the early 1950s, I was surprised to see the same image pairing on a holy card in the sun visor of my son's car.
A very large canvas print of Our Lady of Pompei from Italy. Circa 1920. Silk screened Chinese Madonna and child Madonna and Child decoupaged on hand painted wood frame. Italy Very large Coronation of the Virgin Mary on textured board. Circa 1950.
A rather peculiar print of Our Lady of Grace in a raffia star of David Madonna de Risposo decoupage on gilded wood - Italy Virgin and Child on inlay wood - Italy Pocket diptych - Italy
Framed Madonna and Child in gold tones. Circa 1980s Madonna and Child in sepia tones. Circa 1980 Madonna della Guardia chromolith on canvas. Circa 1910. Italy Ave Maria Madonna hand painted on marble. Circa 1970
Tender Virgin and Child on press board. Contemporary The Annunciation stained glass. Contemporary Mother Cabrini in plastic frame. Italy. Circa 1940s Mary Magdalene in mahagony frame. Circa 1910
Saint Francis and Crucified Christ chromolith circa 1940. Italy St. Francis de Paolo print. Italy. Circa 1910 St. Francis of Assisi plaque. Circa 1960 Saint Erasmus print on silk. Circa 1880. Italy
Original pastel of Cardinals with Breviaries. Italy. Circa 1960 St. Gerard Majella textured chromolith. Circa 1910. Italy Photo of Theological Institute graduating class. Rome. 1932 French Catholic home in war time with art shop Christmas message on peace during World War II