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Catholic Children's Books

The books that you see on this page are examples of those we have handled.

We are liquidating our last copies and you will find them here along with other titles.

They will be available soon on CD so you can view them on your computer or print them out at home.

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A couple of years ago, during one of our weekend outings we almost passed up a visit to a particular estate sale, but my husband insisted and we stopped.

It was the best stop we ever made.

In a warehouse we came upon the contents of an amazing estate. The deceased was an Italian woman who had turned her home into a mission.

We walked about, gasping in disbelief.


The contents of her normal sized home, which had been packed like a Chinese puzzle up to the ceiling, filled the area - over 100 life-sized statues of Jesus, Mary and the Saints - three full sized marble altars, candelabras, and thousands of small statues.

We wished we could take out a mortgage on our home to buy it all, but that was not to be. The woman passed away in the 1940s and the house had been sealed since the early 1950s. It was a virtual Catholic time capsule.

We found hundreds and hundred of children's books dating to the 1940s in mint condition, with the only problem being a little soot on the top ones -- the result of burning hundreds of wax candles each day. Apparently, this dear woman intended to start up a Catholic school, but her dream was never realized.

We bought what we could and since then have shared these treasures with many Catholics throughout the world.