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Modest Clothing for Christian Women


Where to Find Modest Clothing - With Discounts and Coupon Codes


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Updated April 17, 2010

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A few years ago, Catholic author Colleen Hammond wrote "Dressing with Dignity" a book about the need for feminine modesty, how to achieve it, and why it's so necessary. It quickly became a "must read" in many traditional Catholic circles.

For the most part, Hammond was preaching to the choir. Traditional Catholic women already know about modesty. Other Catholic women, however, might sense that there's something amiss in the way women dress for Church. And they're right. Many of these women, however, are missing the point. It's not just about how we dress at Church. It's how we dress everywhere, even within the home and what we do to convey the feminine mystery through modesty.

I can only speak for the parishes located on our seaside community island. Some of the fashion choices are truly hair raising. 

I will never forget an adult confirmation during a Sunday Mass. The young woman and her sponsor both wore Indian style halter tops that ended under the bust line. These were paired with see-through gauze skirts that settled low on the hips, leaving the entire abdominal area bare. Oh. I forgot to mention. The young woman being confirmed was about seven months pregnant.

No one said a word to either of them. Not the priest. Not the deacon.

While we should always look to Mary as our model of modesty, in today's world, it isn't practical to dress in a floor length robe with a veil covering our heads - unless you happen to be a traditional nun or live in the middle east.

We can, however, maintain an appropriate level of modest dress wherever we go, particularly in Church.  Our Lady of Fatima said, "Certain fashions will offend Our Lord very much."  While she wasn't specific, we can't help but wonder how she would feel about women who have completely abandoned feminine dress in favor of a wardrobe consisting entirely of slacks. While they have their place, perhaps, it still makes us cringe to see "extraordinary ministers" dressed in t-shirts and slacks in the sanctuary.

The tide seems to be turning, and young women are beginning to find dresses appealing once again. Girls Gone Mild - Moving Away from Trashy to Classy indicates a trend to modesty among young women. There are some, however, who tend to go a little overboard, seemingly leaving the choices as either Slutty or Nutty. There is a balance.

Nonetheless, until the modesty revolution filters down to the local department stores, it can be difficult finding clothing that flatters while it covers -- and doesn't make you look like someone who has just stepped off a gypsy caravan.

We've put together some resources for modest clothing that are affordable and easy to care for. These are not our products, but if you use the links here, they'll know we sent you.

Resources for Modest Clothing

If you've gone shopping recently you'll know that it's tough finding feminine clothing that isn't too revealing but doesn't make you look like you're wearing a feed sack or your grandmother's housecoat.  Chances are, if you do find something pretty, it will cost much more than a good Catholic woman should pay. (Modesty extends to excessive luxury, too.)

Here are a few resources that come recommended by friends and family. Be sure to look in the clearance sections of each. You'll be surprised at the markdowns. You can visit them by clicking on the logo or ad to the left of each section. The images to the right are a sampling of what you'll find. If I find coupon codes or discounts, I'll enter them.  Please remember that these do expire and I don't always have time to remove the old ones.

Our Picks for Small Businesses Worth a Look


(AKA A Plus Google Family)

While browsing for new modest wear sources I came across this small business run by a home school family. I wanted to jump out of my chair and applaud!

The styles and the way the are presented are everything one could hope for and more - wholesome, fresh, functional and pretty. Plus, it is always nice to support a small American business.  

Don't miss their girls' fashions

Visit their store here

Pretty Pink Gingham Skirt

Extra Long Skirts

Victorian - Prairie Dress

Amish - Mennonite Dresses

eBay is also a great source for the sedate and dignified styles worn by Amish and Mennonite women.

If you're looking for modest wear for everyday use - or pretty nursing dresses - a quick browse through the offerings of the day are well worth a look.

We found that they were also very reasonably priced.

This Week's Amish Mennonite Dresses

Handmade Blue Cape Dress

Amish Menonite Cape Dress

Custom Made Amish Dress

Bealls - Enter FREE100 to get free shipping on orders over $100
Home Page Banner

Rabbit Rabbit Dress with Shawl

Alfred Dunner Floral Print Skirt

Notations Dot Print Skirt

Cashmere Boutique - ""Get 10-30% Off orders over $500 "

Free Shipping on Orders above $100

Shawls and Pashimas are always great to have to cover up for extra modesty and to keep warm

Shawl with Sleeves

Pashima Shawl with Beaded Fringe

Spring Pashima

Chic Star - Tell a friend and get $10 cash from ChicStar.com  -  Free Shipping on Orders Over $100

Contest!  Submit your fashion idea, get it free & $250 cash at ChicStar.com!


This is a shop that presents newly made vintage looking clothing. I am including it because so much of it looks like the clothing our mothers wore in the heyday of the Church in the 1940s and 50s. Some of what you'll see is completely inappropriate Hollywood type stuff. Just skip it. Young women might like it since many styles are modest while having a trendy vintage look. I'm showing quite a few of their offerings because they're just plain fun.

Belted Flared Dress

Floral Wrap Pocket Dress

Jacquard Cape Jacket

Maxi Long Dress

Plaid Belted Lucy Dress

Surrounding Dancing Skirt

Crow's Nest Trading - Check back for coupons

Crow's Nest Trading

Crow's Nest specializes in western and southwestern lifestyle items. Lots of really beautiful outfits

Fashion Specialists - Lots of Discounts! Click Here to see them all. 

$1.99 Shipping - 10% Off Orders of $50 or $15 Off Orders of $60 - Write a Review and Get 15% Off

Shop Fashion Specialists!

Lots of classic modest looks with many under $29.99. Take your time and browse through their site. Easy to shop by theme and size. Usually free shipping, too!

Hounds Tooth Jumper

Two Piece Dress

Classic Faille Dress

My Shape - Free Fashion Advice for Your Shape -  a href="http://www.dpbolvw.net/click-2132451-10719768" target="_blank" onmouseover="window.status='http://www.myshape.com';return true;" onmouseout="window.status=' ';return true;">$25 off $100 and free shipping< Shop styles that fit & flatter.

Fashion Just Got Personal at MyShape! $25 off $100

My Shape is a fun site to shop. Look by designer, by outfit, by style. Young women will love it

Hessnatur - Enter M1U001 for Free Shipping and Returns

hessnatur - Pure and Natural Fashion

A German company that produces all organic fiber clothing. Beautiful, too! Look for children's items.



Organic Cotton Skirt

Wool Jersey Dress

Pure Wool Dress

Alight - Lots of sales throughout the site. Look for free shipping when available.

flirty florals

Lots of trendy dresses in plus sizes for women and juniors. Scroll through to pass the sleeveless ones - or pair them with a cardigan.

Bedford Fair Lifestyles - 15% Off Orders Over $60 or Click Link for 10% Off Entire Order
Bedford Fair

Bedford Fair offers a wide variety of modest clothing that will appeal to any age and need. Get 15% off orders over $60 and free shipping, too!


Pretty Crocheted Cardigans

Feminine Skirts in Modest Lengths

Casual and Dressy Dresses

K. Jordan - Usually free shipping

Shop KJordan.com for all your fashion needs!

Several selections for classic looks. Worth a look. Don't get involved with their credit term program.

Monterrey Bay - Free Shipping on Orders Over $100

Monterey Bay Free Shipping Over $100

Feminine, Modest, Reasonable Cost Don't miss the special section for long length dresses. One of my favorites for style and quality!


Be Sure to Register for their Centennial Celebration Sweepstakes

$1.99 Flat Rate Shipping on ALL Orders

Lots of affordable outfits. Don't miss their clearance sale 85% off

Old Pueblo Trading - Save! 10% off $50 - 15% off $60 - Write a Review and Save $15%  Click Here

Old Pueblo Traders Free Shipping

Whether you're looking for something elegant or a more casual look, you'll find it at Old Pueblo at a great price

Willow Ridge - Enter Code 941071 For Free Shipping. Always Lots of Sales
Willow Ridge Free Shipping

Willow Ridge has a wide range of beautiful, feminine and affordable modest clothing.  There's free shipping with the code above and 15% off orders over $60.

Lots of jumpers which are popular with traditional moms

Colorific Tee Dress is available in three color combinations. Under $25

This denim jumper is a favorite of moms on the go and college girls, too.

The clean classic look of a hounds tooth jumper doesn't go out of style. Only $29.99 before discounts

Knit Button Front Dress is so feminine and is the most beautiful turquoise

Women Suits - Use Code aff5off for $5 Off Any Order - Free Shipping on All Orders

A company that specializes in Church Suits for women. Lots of hats and matching accessories. Take a look at suits for boys, too.

Lots of Hats for Church

And some for laughs, too

Reading on Modesty
Secret Keeper With Victoria's Secret now targeting 18-24 year-olds with the PINK line, and Abercrombie & Fitch successfully selling clothing through a catalog available only to those 18 and over, the need for a clear voice on modesty has never been greater. This bestselling book on modesty gives teens and twenty-something's actual pictures and examples of modern clothing -a modesty fashion show. Explains the critical nature of modesty as both cool and relevant. 'How-to' modest dressing skills. The Look: Does God Really Care What I Wear?  The author challenges Christians to ask themselves tough questions: Who decides what I will wear, and why? What message does my clothing communicate? And, how can I reflect the glory of God in my wardrobe? Biblical, practical and motivating, it challenges women (young or older), parents, and teens to discover the Truth about clothing and modesty, and to make choices based on God's eternal perspective. A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue  When the 23-year-old author first heard of "modestyniks"--Orthodox Jewish women who withhold physical contact from men until marriage, she was initially fascinated by the way in which they cleave to old ideals, in a sex-saturated  world and was aghast at how they are dismissed as sick, delusional, or repressed by the secular community. "Why," asks the author, "is sexual modesty so threatening to some that they can only respond to it with charges of abuse or delusion?" Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America In the Church today, there are few cows quite as sacred as the right of modern Christians to dress however they please. But in this groundbreaking work, Jeff Pollard challenges us to embrace God's standard and to understand the historical roots of the rise of nudity and immodesty in modern culture.

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