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Food Security - A Fishing and Garden Journal 2008

Rice Riots. Wheat shortages. Blight. Drought. Supermarket Sticker Shock.

2008 was a year filled with frightening news stories about the global food crisis. It's real and it isn't going to get better in 2009.

We have an obligation to take care of our own families.  We also must think about our neighbors. The senior citizens down the street who live on fixed incomes. The family with many small children to feed and only one income, if any. And those who are served by our food pantries. This is the most elementary Catholic charity

Our Garden Journal

This year we will present a photo diary of our efforts at providing food for our family and parish pantry on very little land. If we can do it, you can do it. 

We live in one of the original beach cottages on a barrier beach island where the sun is hot and the wind from the ocean is fairly constant.  It is drying and the cost of water is close to the cost of Perrier. Our home is situated on a plot that is only 40' wide by 100' deep - a typical size for our area. That doesn't mean that we have that much land to grow on. Our house, double garage and driveway take up a good portion of that space.

We have nearly always had a kitchen garden and also had an rather extensive network of community gardens. These have supplied us with not only our own food, but an abundance to share with two parishes. 

I hope you enjoy our journey and that it will help you to help yourselves.



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We Didn't Give Up

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