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Holy Medallions

Most Catholic have a deep love of holy medals, and among the most common are the Miraculous Medal and the St. Benedict Medal. During our excursions, we certainly have come across many of these, primarily aluminum or other base metals, and these are saved to be affixed to the front and back of the scapulars we distribute at our parish.. Many medallions have indulgences attached to them, and the St. Benedict Medal is one that is particularly rich in symbolism and powers for the believer.

What do we wear? My husband wears a gold scapular medallion, since he works outdoors and his wool scapulars don't last very long at all. The gold medal was a Christmas gift after I grew tired of attempting to wash rust off his work shirts from a simpler one. My son wears a St. Benedict Medal and Scapular Medal when he is not wearing his regular scapular. I wear a medal with a cut out image of the Blessed Mother that was given to me by my former neighbors who hailed from Lourdes. I have long wished I could find a simple medal I was given by my Godmother when I was a child: a little glass heart holding a mustard seed, and a tiny piece with the quote, "If ye have faith as the mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you."
Along the way, we've found a number of more unusual medallions as well, presented here for your enjoyment.

Old enameled pin reading Sancti Antonius

Our Lady of Humility Medallion which was found in the estate of a Monsigneur in commemoration of a reunion

The Cross reads Vincit Regnat and there is are hands with a broken sword. On the back is an image of Pope Pius XI and Anno Domini MCMXXV

If you have an image of an usual medallion you'd like to share, email us.