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Holy Water in the Catholic Home

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St Teresa of Avila on Holy Water

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The Many Uses of Holy Water

More Uses Than You Might Imagine

Photo Archive of

Vintage Holy Water Fonts


Pressed Tin

Pot Metal


Fonts on Wood

Plastic and Celluloid

Glass and Crystal  Porcelain  Beleek

Hummel - Goebel

Italian Ceramic

Asperges Buckets and Stoops

Holy Water Bottles

Miscellaneous Fonts





Find the Holy Water Font that's right for your Catholic home.

Many to choose from.

Made in Italy and the USA


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We love

holy water.


In fact, we can't

live without it.


Holy water is a sacramental of the Catholic Church that too many of the faithful seem to have forgotten about. It is the most elementary sacramental available to Catholics everywhere -- and one of the most powerful.


Our lives as Catholics are infused with blessed water from the moment we receive the seal of the Holy Ghost at Baptism until our remains are blessed at the close of the Rite of Christian Burial before final interment. 


The use of holy water in the home is a Catholic  tradition that too few embrace. What a loss! Think about it. You give your children vitamins to help them to grow and be healthy. You make sure your husband takes his cholesterol medication. Why not place a

holy water font at your front door to help protect their spiritual lives?


Holy water has the power to remit venial sin.


Saint John Vianney, in his Catechism on Confession, suggests that the moment a venial sin is perceived, “take some holy water with respect, do one of those good works to which the remission of venial sins is attached: an alms,

a genuflection to the Blessed Sacrament, hearing a Mass.”


The Church urges the frequent use of holy water in times of danger such as storms, fires, sickness, and when there is any type of conflict in the home or community.

St. Teresa of Avila attested to

the power of this holy water, and in her autobiography writes:



"From long experience I have learned that there is nothing like holy water to put devils to flight and  prevent them from coming back again. They also flee from the Cross, but return; so holy water must have great virtue.“ 


On the night of All Souls, the Saint was tormented by demons who interrupted her prayerful devotions. They were finally dispelled by a sprinkling of holy water.


As you bless yourself with the precious mixture of salt and water, you may wish to prayerfully keep

in mind, as did Saint John Chrysostom, the “effusion of Blood and Water flowing from the Master’s Side” opening a path to His Sacred Heart at the finality

of His Passion, emptying Himself completely for our salvation.


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Holy Water in the Catholic Home


Many Catholic homes place a holy water font at the front door. We bless ourselves each time we leave, asking that the Triune God guide our thoughts, words and deeds as we go out into the world. We ask for His protection and guidance in all that we do. When we return, we bless ourselves again, calling to mind the sanctity of the home. In time it becomes a deeply ingrained habit, and if one of your family rushes out without the blessing, another will inevitably call out, “Don’t forget to bless yourself!”


Let us remember the Holy Souls in Purgatory each time we bless ourselves. One drop in their honor may be all that is needed to release a soul into Heaven.


The faithful may gain an indulgence of 100 days each time the Sign of the Cross is made with holy water pronouncing the words and having contrition for sins.


Sadly, those who pass through the Church doors, hastily dipping their fingers into the water to perform a gesture more reminiscent of swatting flies than of performing a solemn blessing, rob themselves of a great grace. Choose instead to bless yourself with great care, perhaps adding the prayer,


“By this holy water and

by Your Precious Blood,

wash away all my sins,

O Lord.”


Additional uses

for holy water

in your daily lives as Catholics


Bless the rooms of your home, particularly bedrooms so that Satan might not enter. It is a beautiful Catholic tradition for parents to bless their children each night with a simple prayer, “Sleep in the peace of Jesus” - or in the Latino tradition “Que Te Bendigo” - that He May Bless you. Families with small children prone to night terrors sometimes place an inexpensive holy water font in their bedrooms for that purpose


Don’t bless your home once and forget about it, but make frequent use of holy water. Those who have suffered terribly with domestic unrest use holy water and the sign of the Cross in the corners of each room to good effect.


Bless your computers with holy water and place a blessed St. Benedict medal on the monitor to call to mind the dangers of the internet. If you use a computer for work, holy water can help to sanctify the tool you use to earn a living.


Bless your family and business vehicles, and consider joining the Sacred Heart Auto League.


Bless your children’s bicycles, their schoolbooks, and other objects as well, with a prayer that they might never stray from the Faith or be lead into temptation. Sprinkle some in their shoes.


Use only a new, clean receptacle for holy water, and take care not put it to any other use afterwards. Dispose of old holy water by pouring it into the ground in an area where it will not be underfoot.

Photo Archive of Holy Water Fonts

 Click Images to Enlarge

Pressed Tin

Pot Metal




Fonts on Wood

Plastic and Celluloid

Glass and Crystal



Hummel - Goebel

Italian Ceramic

Asperges Buckets and Stoops Holy Water Bottles

Miscellaneous Fonts

Fonts for Sale

Pressed Tin Holy Water Fonts presented the poor and working class with an opportunity to have a religious object of beauty in their homes.

Very collectible today and with the added bonus that they hold up quite well over the years.

Saint Anne Pressed Tin

with Glass Font

Saint Joseph Pressed Tin

with Glass Font


Saint Rosalia Pressed Tin on Cardboard with glass font and chain. From Sicily, typically sold during local festivals.

Pressed Tin Christ

with glass font

Pressed Tin on stone

with glass bowl


Saint Joseph Pressed Tin with Glass


Our Lady of Lourdes. French.


Pressed tin in early plastic



Miraculous Medal Pressed tin holy water bottle holder

c. 1930s

Back view showing full bottle

French ca. 1860 with inset enamel of the Virgin Mary

Gilded tin


French ca. 1880. Ornate images of the apparition

of Our Lady at Lourdes

Pot Metal was in wide use beginning in the 1880s through the 1940s. More costly, it presented a more durable product of substance. Very collectible, but some pieces can be brittle due to flaws in the casting process. Check carefully for hairline cracks that can turn into big problems.

Pot metal ca. 1940s


Cast Pot Metal Ecce Homo

Holy Water Font ca. 1920s


Cast Pot Metal ca. 1930s

Front and rear views


1940s pot metal shrine

of St. Joseph


Pot metal Virgin and Child Germany

Ornate Holy Water Shrine

in honor of St Anthony


Adoring Angels

at Crucifix

12" Brass Made in Italy $77.50

Celtic Cross in pot metal

ca. 1950s

Pewter Holy Water Fonts replaced tin and pot metal as an inexpensive choice for the working class Catholic. Many of the older designs were replicated, but modernity entered into the market quickly. Prices dropped when much of it became produced in China with the result that the pewter was as brittle as the old pot metal.

Madonna and Child. Pewter.

Modern Pewter Trinity Font

Looks old? Check again.

There's Pope JP II!

Relatively modern pewter

Celtic Cross

Hardwoods present an attractive background for everything from pressed tin, pot metal, bronze and even copper. Nearly always accompanied by a glass bowl. Problems can arise in shellac from exposure to salt water.

Crucifix of pot metal with brass Corpus on Hardwood with  brass inlay, ca. 1940s


Bronze on wood ca. 1940s


Antique French Crucifix Holy Water Font on hardwood.  I purchased this one from a source in France for u se in our own home, but it was too large for the space we had in mind.


Copper and Wood with glass ca. 1920s


Germany ca. 1960s

Displaying a relatively modern design


Wayside Shrine Holy Water Font ca. 1960s


Virgin and Child on wood. Missing glass. ca. mid 1950s


Saint Joseph Crucifix Holy Water Font on Wood with inset Glass Bowl


Saint Anne de Beaupre on wood

ca.  early 1940s


Bronze Christ on Hardwood with Glass Holy Water Bowl


Saints Pressed Tin on Wood


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Holy Water Fonts



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Porcelain - Beginning in the Victorian era, porcelain holy water fonts - both bisque porcelain and glazed with gilding - became popular. They are still favorites.  Bisque fonts are very collectible, but hard to find without cracks or chips. Perhaps the most popular of these are by Hummel, closely followed by Beleek.

Victorian Angel Porcelain

Holy Water Font


Gilded Porcelain Holy Water Font circa mid 1950s


Pottery from Knock Ireland


Victorian Era Angel Font



Beleek porcelain holy water font

with classic scallop shell bowl

Beleek Porcelain Angel

Holy Water Font

Beleek Porcelain

Beleek Porcelain

Old holy water font with

hand painted Monstrance porcelain ca. 1930s

Cherub bisque porcelain

ca. 1970s

Red Marked Japan

Porcelain Sacred Heart

Holy Water Font

Red marked Japan


Full Figure Virgin and Child 1940s




1920s Porcelain, France



Hummel Goebel Holy Water Fonts - If you love Hummel's but find that most pieces are outside your price range, you might be surprised at the variety of Hummel Holy Water Fonts. Many present the charming childlike figures we are familiar with, but there is a surprising range of additional designs. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?type=3&campid=5336019710&toolid=10001&customid=&ext=hummel+holy+water+font&satitle=hummel+holy+water+font

M I Hummel Goebel Porcelain 

Holy Water Font


Hum # 75 TMK7

3 1/4 by 4 1/2 inches 

Rare Hummel Goebel 1693

Holy Water Font  Germany.

Impressed HW 15 and Crown mark

Stamped Full Bee 4.33"

Hummel Goebel

Holy Child with Flowers 4 1/4"

#36/0 TM-5 W Germany

V over Bee in blue

M. J. Hummel Holy Water Font Angel Shrine #512, HUM 147 1990-1999 Goebel Germany 5"

M. I. Hummel #91/B Right Facing Angel 

4 3/4" tall.

M. I. Hummel #91/A Left Facing Angel 

4 3/4" tall.

M. I. Hummel Holy Water Font

W. Goebel.  Titled "Heavenly Angel"

HUM # 207 with three line mark on the bottom as well as an incised date of 1949. Stamped W Germany.  5" tall

Hummel 146 Angel Duet

Goebel TMK-6 4.75" Tall














M I Hummel Goebel Holy Water Font

Angel with Bell Incised crown full bee Hum # 67 TMK-1 Spo 67 4 1/4"

M.I. Hummel Angel with Bird

TM3 Stylized Bee Embossed 22/0

W. Germany. Mfg. 1957-1964

Goebel W. Germany

Incised ROB 423 and  1961.

Initials B K 4 3.4"

Hummel Angel on Cloud HUM 206 TMK-2

W. Goebel in blue

Black Germany

Goebel Angel with Lamb Holy Water Font 6"

M. I. Hummel Angel with Candle Font

Blue Stamp Full Bee, or TMK-2, was in use from 1940-1959. Black ink "Germany" also on back along with incised SPO 67 4 3/4"

M. I. Hummel Guardian Angel Font

 5-3/8" tall. Incised M. I. Hummel 248/0 1959. Blue stamp full bee W. Goebel W. Germany

Late Hummel


M.I. Hummel Praying Girl at Wayside Shrine

Full Bee W. Germany

Hummel Child Jesus TMK-2 Full Bee

RARE Hummel 77 entitled Cross with Doves. Only samples were made, never in production 1.75 X 6.25. Imprinted and an incised crown. Sculpted by Unger in 1937. Listed as a closed edition in 1937

Rare Goebel Chi Rho Font

V  and W. Goebel Incised   HW 102 1956. SACRART

Goebel - M. I. Hummel Holy Family 246

First molded by Theo R. Menzenbach in 1955. 4 1/2" tall.  6 mark closed edition

Child Jesus with Lamb Holy Water Font W.Goebel - W. Germany Full Bee

Incised ROB 424 and  1961. 5 1/4" x 4"

Goebel / Hummel 1931

Mary and Baby Jesus

 Incised HW 31 and Crown. Stamped full bee Germany. 4 3/4" tall

M. J. Hummel impressed 35/061 6 92 painted in black

 Goebel Germany stamped in blue. Box reads Goebel 1990

An unusual example of a Hummel


Hummel 4411

Hummel 6269

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Holy Water Fonts Here

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Very unusual Hummel Holy Water Font - though you'd never guess it was Hummel

Hummel Holy Water Font

Hummel Holy Water Fonts were based on the drawings of Sister M.I. Hummel (Berta Hummel). Made by   W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik of Oeslau, Germany, now Rodenthal, Germany.  First made in 1935. The Crown mark was used from 1935 to 1949. Bee marks added in 1950. The full bee with variations, was used from 1950 to 1959; stylized bee, 1957 to 1972; three line mark, 1964 to 1972; last bee, sometimes called vee over gee, 1972 to 1979. In 1979 the V bee symbol was removed from the mark. U.S. Zone was part of the mark from 1946 to 1948; W. Germany, was part of the mark from 1960 to 1990.

The Goebel, W. Germany mark, called the missing bee mark, was used from 1979 to 1990; Goebel, Germany with the crown and WG, originally called the new mark, was used from 1991 through part of 1999. The newest version of the bee mark with the word Goebel, the current mark or Goebel with full bee, was adopted in 2000.

Italian Ceramic Holy Water Fonts offer a more durable option than porcelain with little worry about crazing. Many are signed. Happily there are still many available in a wide variety of styles and coloration.

Italian ceramic c. 1940s

Italian Ceramic ca. 1880s


Modern Replica of Italian Ceramic


Saint Therese enamel image in a modern replica of old Italian ceramic holy water font - available for sale below.

Glass Holy Water Fonts - Milk glass was used during the 1910s - 1920s and fell out of popular use after that time. Lead crystal can be found but not commonly.

Milk glass font, ca. 1910s

Lead Crystal Infant of Prague

Fine Waterford Crystal

Milk glass face of Christ ca. 1920s


Plastic and Celluloid Holy Water Fonts became popular in the late 1940s to early 1950s. They were inexpensive and easy to mass market. Hartland produced may outstanding versions with classic imagery.

Modern plastic holy water font with

inset image of the Virgin Mary

Made in China

Early celluloid plastic holy water font with painted gold details and cut out with red background.  ca. 1950s

1950s pearlized plastic


Hartland Celluloid

ca. 1950s

One of the most popular types of plastic holy water font is the mini wall shrine. These fonts were available in a variety of colors: white, tan, pearlized, and bronze - all with gilded details. The unique feature is the slot in the back which allows the insertion of a favorite holy card or image which is protected by a celluloid sheet. At right are examples of vintage shrine fonts.



White with gilded details and image of the Virgin Mary presenting the Infant Jesus to a little child

Now you can buy fonts like these in bulk quantities only. Click here  Made in the USA. Great for special events in your parish or as mementos of a special day.

Tan with gilded details and image of Our Lady of Grace

Insert a photo of a wedding, First Holy Communion, ordination, or departed loved one.

Pearlized with gilded details and image of the Virgin Mary exhorting the people of God to Pray the Rosary

Relatively modern Celtic Cross ca. 1970s

Madonna of the Chair Enamel on Velvet

Cloisonné and Brass on velvet

Pewter on Velvet

Relatively Modern Copper

Modern Resin Alabaster Holy Water Font on wood

Brass on bakelite background

Modern Beleek Celtic Cross

Antique Church Fonts with brass fittings

Ceramic Angel ca. 1960s


Modern Resin Holy Spirit Holy Water Font

Our Lady of Knock in green stone

Go to Holy Water Fonts for Sale Now

Asperges Buckets and Wands - Sick Call Crucifix Fonts - Who isn't spiritually refreshed when blessed by Father with the new Easter water?

Church Asperges bucket and wand

1960s Crucifix Font with bottle

Modern sick call font

1880s Crucifix Candelabra font from Homan sick call sets that were generally upright oak cases

Antique crystal Asperges wand

Marble holy water fonts

Eastern Rite Asperges Buckets

Holy Water Bottles - Holy water was understood to be a precious sacramental and deserving of special receptacles - unlike today, when many bring it home in old mayonaise jars or soda bottles! Oh! Please don't do that! Some bottles were meant to fit inside a sick call Crucifix or set. With age, many take on a beautiful patina from the minerals in the glass. Formed into special shapes or fitted with bakelite sprinkle tops, they all denote the special usefor which they were made.
Molded glass bottle from Lourdes with hand painted details including Rosary

Here and below are an assortment of holy water bottles. Most have a sprinkle top for use during sick calls and were part of a sick call set. The one in the center is typical of those that fit inside a sick call Crucifix.

Most of the sprinkle tops were made of bakelite, although there are also the beautiful Crown top cork stoppers.

Some etched glass bottles also had a small metal Crucifix attached.

Often bottles from sites such as Lourdes will exhibit a glaze from the salts, particularly evident in the one on the left.

The green bottle at right is quite rare.

Souvenir bottles like the one on the left are often found in old estates. The cobalt bottle above is a rare find.
Holy Water Fonts for Sale

Onyx Holy Water Fonts- Shipped Direct from the Artist

Holy Family Water Font

6" Hand-painted Onyx $19.50


Madonna and Child Holy Water Font

7" Tall - Hand-painted Onyx $17.00



More Holy Water Fonts to Purchase from Our Partner Company

Holy Spirit Holy Water Font

White alabaster with gold highlights, 5".

Made in Italy.  $17.00

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Crucifix Font Hang or Stand

8" - Made in Italy Cream colored resin with gold detailing  $34.50

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Our Lady of Lourdes Holy Water Font with Votive Candle

Stands on table top. 3.75"  $23.00

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Holy Family Holy Water Font

Alabaster Made in Italy

5" Tall Made in Italy

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Sunburst Crucifix Font

 White Alabaster with Gold Accents 5" tall $22.00

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Adoring Angels at Crucifix Cross

12" Brass Made in Italy $77.50

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Alabaster Pieta Holy Water Font

 9" Made in Italy 

Grey Marbelized Base


Buy Now


Alabaster Crucifixion Holy Water Font

Like looking through one of the gates of Jerusalem out to Golgotha. Made in Italy

 5 x 9.5"Buy Now


Celtic Cross Font Knock Pottery

7" Tall Made in Ireland. $34.50

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White Celtic Cross Knock Pottery Font

Made in Ireland 7" tall. $34.50

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Pewter Celtic Cross

Holy Water Font

5" $22.00

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Irish Connemara

Holy Water Font

Hand carved in Ireland of genuine Connemara marble. Stands or hangs. $54.95

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Trinity Shamrock Holy Water Font

Trellis Shamrock design by Royal Tara Fine Bone China in Ireland. 17cm x 8cm. $33.00

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Knock Pottery Angel Holy Water Font

5" Tall Ceramic Made in Ireland - $29.95

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Irish Peat Madonna

Holy Water Font

Handcrafted, in Ireland from 5,000 year-old Irish peat. Antique earthen finish highlights the intricate detail of  Celtic designs - $39.95

Buy Now


Knock Pottery Font

Madonna and Child  5-1/4"H From Knock Pottery Ireland, Individually hand crafted  $29.95

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Our Lady of Good Counsel Font

Beautiful floral design. Made in Italy  Resin

4" x 6 1/2" $18.95

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Saint Therese Holy Water Font

Enamel Image inset in Resin. 4" x 6 1/2"

Made in Italy $18.95

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Font

Beautiful floral design. Made in Italy  Resin 4" x 6 1/2" $18.95

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Standing Our Lady

of Grace Font

Hand-painted alabaster. 6" Made in Italy $36.25

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San Damiano Crucifix Font

4 1/2" x 7 1/2". History of the San Damiano cross printed on the back. Made in Italy.

 $34.95 - $22.72

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Standing Alabaster Angel Font

5" x 5 1/2" $36.95

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Praying Angel Holy Water Font

The elegant wings overlap to create the bowl. White alabaster  6.25.”

Made in Italy  $25.95

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Praying Virgin Mary Font

Alabaster 7 1/2" $32.95

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Praying Boy Holy Water Font

Hand-painted gold accents, durable resin, hard for little boys to break! 3" x 5"  Made in Italy.

 $17.00 - $11.00

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Praying Girl Holy Water Font

  Hand-painted gold accents, resin, hard to break! 3" x 5". Made in Italy

 $17.00  - $11.00

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St. Michael the Archangel

Holy Water Font

9.25" Hand-painted Alabaster.

Made in Italy $67.50

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Sacred Heart of Jesus Font

7" Hand-painted Resin

Gift Boxed - $14.95

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Our Lady of Lourdes Font

Hand-painted Resin 7" Tall

Gift Boxed - $13.95

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Holy Family Florentine Holy Water Font

7" - Resin - Gift Boxed - $15.95

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Saint Joseph Holy

Water Font

Resin 7" Tall Hand Painted

Gift Boxed. $13.95

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Our Lady of Fatima Font

7" Hand-painted Resin Gift Boxed $13.95

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eBay is the best place to find vintage holy water fonts.

Take a look now:




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