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Images of the Original

Miraculous Jesus Infant of Prague

Milostné PraZské Jezulátko

"The more you honour Me, the more I will bless you."


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How to Make an Infant of Prague Crown

Coronation of the Infant of Prague

On September 26, 2009 Pope Benedict XVI while on a visit to the Czech Republic, donated a new crown for the Infant Jesus of Prague.  The crown was placed above the statuette

 in the baroque Church of Our Lady Victorious following the coronation but was later brought to  a Prague goldsmith who fitted it with catches and added a velvet underlay.

The royal crown is decorated with eight shells, the symbol of St Augustine. An inscription with the date on which the Pope donated his gift is beneath the crown cross. The crown is also decorated with genuine pearls and garnets. The crown is made of silver, gilded and polished up manually with agate.

Two previous crowns were made by Prague goldsmiths. The first was made in 1767 and the second was made sometime between 1810 and 1820 and was in use until the present Crown given by the Holy Father.  The crown is not placed directly on the Infant's head, but is suspended somewhat above it.

The Holy Infant of Prague is an 18 1/2 inch high wax statuette (including the base) with a wooden core.

Prayer of Pope Benedict XVI Before the Infant Jesus of Prague

Lord Jesus,
We see you as a child
and believe that you are the Son of God,
Man is made by the power of the Holy Spirit
in the womb of the Virgin Mary.
As in Bethlehem
We also pray thee with Mary, Joseph,
the angels and the shepherds, and recognize in you our only Redeemer.
You have become poor,
to make us rich with your poverty.
Let us never forget the poor
and the people who are suffering.
Protect our families,
bless all the children of this world
and make that more may reign among us love,
to have you brought us and the
Life can be happier.
Give that all, O Jesus,
recognize the truth of your birth,
so may all know,
that you have come,
to the entire human family
to bring light, joy and peace.
You are God and You live and reign with God the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit
now and forever. Amen.


Holy Father Kneels to Present a Golden Crown to Jesus Infant of Prague



Holy Father's Reflection On His Visit to the Infant Jesus of Prague


The Vestments of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague -

The Infant of Prague at Our Lady Victorious Church has more than 100 sets of magnificent vestments. Most of them were donated in the spirit of thanksgiving for favors granted. Quite a few are now incomplete or unusable after so many centuries have passed. The vestments are on display in the Museum in Prague.  Dressing the Infant of Prague is an old tradition that is meant to bring us closer to Jesus as a human infant.


First He is first dressed in a simple white gown called an alb which has a button or tie in the back. Some have a simple lace edge on the bottom. Next comes a robe like a child's dress and also closes in the back. The front of the robe is ornately decorated with symbols of Christianity and is often lined. The bottom hem is lace. On top of the robe is the mantle or cape. This falls freely from the shoulders and the right side is often turned out to reveal additional decoration. Finally, ruffs of lace are placed on the neck and hands unless they are already part of the robe. Learn more about the process of dressing the Holy Infant here

The images below are from an old souvenir brochure from the shrine.  Click to enlarge.

Vestments donated by the Chinese Carmelites toward the end of the 19th Century

Infant of Prague in Brocade Robe for Advent

Infant of Prague in Brocade Vestments for Whitsun Week or Pentecost

Infant of Prague in Vestments donated by American Czechs from Cleveland

Infant of Prague in gold brocade vestment heavily adorned with pearls

Infant of Prague in the Oldest Preserved Vestment dating to 1700

Infant of Prague dressed in an ermine mantle which is a symbol or royalty

Infant of Prague in Vestments donated by Vietnam in 1958

Infant of Prague in gold vestments donated by American Czechs in 1966

Infant of Prague in Vestments donated by Empress Maria Theresa in 1743

Infant of Prague in gold embroidered vestments with lace spun of gold at the hem

Infant of Prague in Purple Vestments for Lent

Close up of Infant of Prague in gold brocade vestments showing the added ruffs

Infant of Prague dressed in very ornately embroidered vestments

Old Postcard Showing the Infant of Prague dressed in rose colored robes

Infant of Prague in richly embroidered mantle that coordinates with robe below

Infant of Prague in white vestments embroidered heavily with gold

Infant of Prague in burgundy vestments richly embroidered in gold

Infant of Prague enthroned over altar in blue vestment

Close up of the Infant of Prague in blue vestments

Carmelite Sister and Brother with Infant of Prague vested in green ready to be placed over the altar

Infant of Prague in richly embroidered green vestments enthroned over the altar

Close up view of the Infant of Prague in green vestments showing lace ruffs

Long view of the Infant of Prague enthroned above the altar

"The more you honour Me, the more I will bless you."

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