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Nun Figurines

Update Coming Soon - February 2009


Nuns are Fun. Sometimes they're playing tennis or bowling. Sometimes they're blowing trombones, waving tambourines and strumming banjos. And sometimes they're just praying quietly. Whatever activity they're engaged in, there is a delightful charm to be found in nun -- and friar figures.  Reaching the height of popularity in the 1950s to early 1960s, nun figures are found in so many configurations - porcelain statues, salt and pepper shakers and the occasional head vase.

While there are a few modern products, for the most part these tend to be vulgar and often garish in their portrayal of the Catholic nun.  Like nun musical figures, the older ones are rapidly disappearing. If you're looking for a fun and unusual collectible, the nun figural is a good choice.

Where can you find them? Your best bets are Church rummage sales and estate sales, although some bargains can be found on eBay. Be sure you don't pay too much. $1to $3 at a non-auction sale is plenty. While nun figurines will certainly increase in value in the coming years, they're still a collectible in transition.

The prices we've listed here are from the height of the 2006 Christmas season and at the start of January 2007 when prices are still high. We've also included a few nun plates and salt and pepper shakers.


It pays to check for markings. This rather ordinary, albeit charming, 7 1/2" tall plastic nun figure is actually a Christmas Village piece and sold for $33.96. Look on the bottom for a Hoover mark and you'll know you've got one. The hands are movable.

One of the last beautiful nun figurals from Blessings. 6 1/2" tall, 7" wide.

Sale price $51.00

Nuns playing baseball. 5 1/2" tall, they are marked Thames China 52/317 and sold for $29.00

Goebel M.I. Hummel generally commands higher prices. This delicately colored nun bust # HU3 stands 5 1/2" tall and sold for a surprisingly low price - $25.76 A really wonderful and rare find - Ardalt nun Christmas ornaments that house bells! A war era product, they are 2" tall and marked Ardalt Japan. Seling price was $22.09 Measuring 5 3/4" tall, we think this is a beautiful piece. But it didn't sell.


Napcoware Made in Japan Nun with Guitar C7129 Didn't sell even at asking price of $4.99
Lefton Trio of Little Singing Nuns 4" tall sold for $22.50.
Dept 56 Trio of Singing Nuns 4" tall $18.39

Inarco Japan planter 5 3/4" tall, dated 1963. Selling price $15.50 Set of four Napco Medical - Nurse Nuns $55.00 Napco Praying Nun Head Vase # CR5320 standing 6 3/4" high. $31.25

Baseball nuns. Probably Napco or Inarco, marked 319B. 4" tall. $20.50 Nun with False Eyelashes Head vase. Marked C6020. $16.99 Set of Five Nuns oddly marked both Japan and Italy. Standing figures are 6 1/2" tall. $15.00

Early Royal Vienna Porcelain, hard paste, matte finish. Mid- 19th century. 6" tall. $108.00 What a terrific find! A Santa Creation Three Styles Hand painted Nuns Style no. 2224 Hand painted in Japan for Berman & Anderson Inc. Fifth Avenue New York Christmas ornaments/statues/figures.  Each measures: 4 1/2" tall. Selling Price $7.99 Pair of Noritake Praying Nuns. #6386A Dated 1953. Didn't sell. But it wasn't listed under Religious.


Red stickered Made in Japan, these beautiful papier mache nuns sold for only 99 cents. Red stamped Made in Japan, these stand 5" tall and sold only for 99 cents. Good Grief! A set of five Ardalt number musical nuns and no one bought them!

L&M Praying Nun dated 1956, 5" tall. Stickered Japan. Selling price $1.99 L&M Praying Nun dated 1956 5 1/2" tall. Stickered Japan. Selling Price $1.99 Lefton Accordion Playing Christmas Nun 4 1/2" tall. Selling Price $9.99

Hard plastic made in Hong Kong $2.99 8" Plaster Nun statue. No sale. 7" tall ceramic nun. $10.50

4.5" Big A and B Japan Red Foil Sticker $31 Trio of Bowling Nuns 4.5" $51 Musical Nuns 4 3/4" Arco Japan $29

Snow Village Dept 56 Monks and Nuns $59 Baseball Nuns $49 Where did these come from? We've never seen them before and now there several sets for auction! Red Sticker Made in Japan Nuns with Umbrella Planter. $15.50

1962 Napco CR5407 Doctor Nun $35 Lefton ABC's Teacher Nun $34 Ardalt Nun Bells $29

Nun with Piano 6168C 4 1/4" $29 Same nun but with her band $22.50 Snow Village Dept 56 Monk and Nuns $22

Lefton Nun with Candelabra E-3361 6" $21.49 Made in Japan Nun With Guitar $15.50 Band of Nuns Marked 7129 $14.49

Image Hosting by Vendio

Depose Simonelli Nun with Broom 5" $13 Friar and nun Depose 822 and 824 5" No Sale David Grossman Made in Japan 5" $12


Kreiss 1958 5" $10 Eric Stauffer Autumn Time #8136 $9.99 Lefton Nun with Organ, Singing Nun 4 1/2" $9

3.5" Tall Salt and Pepper $19.99 Clay Art 3.5" Salt and Pepper $19 4.5" Salt Habit, Pepper Habit. $25

Franklin Mint Lowell Herrero Nun and Cows $21 Franklin Mint Herrero Nuns and Cow Plate $39 Franklin Mint Bill Bell Nuns and Cats on Picnic $0

Franklin Mint Lowell Herrero Nun Milking Ayreshire Cow. $15.50 Franklin Mint Lowell Herrero Nun with Rake and Holstein Cows. $15.50 Franklin Mint Lowell Herrero Nun Taking Cows for a Walk. $15.50

And you will never go wrong with a Lladro Nun ... prices seem to increase every day.

Nun Figural Hall of Shame. Some nun items are just so completely vulgar that it is insulting to women religious that they are even offered for sale. If you see one of these, let the seller know what you think. By the way, none of them sold. We're not surprised. We won't bother to show you the images but under the heading of "fun nuns" they include hula hoop nuns, wine goblets featuring an upside down nun ... and well, you get the idea. Our Sisters deserve better than this.

Do you have a favorite Nun figure? Let us know.


Have you successfully used nun collectibles as a fund raiser for your favorite order? Tell us about it.