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Why Keep A "Catholic"  


Our Mission Statement

How We Started




Exploring the Latin Mass

Updated 01/13/2011

What to Expect at a Latin Mass Updated 01/13/2011

One Family's Journey to the Latin Mass Updated 01/13/2011



Confession Updated 3/1/09

Books & Resources for Lent

Updated February 28, 2009

***Includes Latest Revision of***

Meatless Meals for Lent

A Catholic Home and Garden Publication

Adult Costumes for Good Friday Passion Play

Jesus Costumes


Catholic Summertime

Find God Wherever You Go

12 Ways to Be Catholic Every Day


Catholics Coping With Halloween

Scripture Candy

Treats with a Message


All Saints Day

Catholic Saint Costumes

All Saints with the Trapp Family

All Saints Day Recipes

Resources for All Saints Day

Profiles of the Saints

Help for School Reports

All Saints Party Planner


All Souls Day

All Souls Day Recipes



Advent Wreaths


Christmas Traditions

Luke 2

Christmas Pageants and Costumes

Christmas Nativity Sets

Musical and Snow Globe Nativities

Solar Powered Christmas




The Catholic Garden

Front Yard Shrines

A Photo Gallery of Shrines Across the USA

How to Select a Garden Shrine

Update Coming Soon

Virgin Mary Shrines for Sale

Updated 05/01/2009

Jesus Garden Statues

Updated 2/19/2009

Saint Garden Statues

Updated 6/12/2009

Garden Angels for Sale

Catholic Community Garden

Planning and Planting Your Catholic Garden

Updated 4/21/2009

Catholic Garden Plans

Updated 4/21/2009

Garden Bargains and Freebies Updated 4/22/2009

Food Security - A Garden Journal 

Updates 6/1/2009

Food Security 2005

Food Security 2008

Food Security 2009


A Fishing Journal

Coming Soon


Gallery of Catholic Artifacts

Catholic Art

Catholic Children's Books


Head Vases and Planters

Holy Water Fonts and Bottles

Nun Collectibles

   Musical Nuns

   Update Coming Soon

   Nun Figurines

   Update Coming Soon

   Nun Dolls

   Nun Doll Collections

   Books About Nuns

   Update Coming Soon

Miniature Churches

Miraculous Infant of Prague

Various Catholic Artifact Oddities

Artifacts for Sale

Statue Repair How To's Coming Soon



Made In China

More Than Economics A Moral Dilemma

Important Update Soon


Economic Chastisement

Major Updates Coming Soon

News Reports

What We Told You to Look For Last Year


Prayer to Our Lady of Good Remedy

The "D" Word

The Proof in Black & White

What to Do - How to Do It and When to Do It (NOW)

Get Your Parish Ready

Get Rid of Your Addictions

Be Proactive About Health

Updated 2/16/09

Important Health Check List Where to find free dental care Where to find free prescription drugs

Where Will You Live - Who Will You Live With?

Finding Work

Step One: Pray

Where to Find Work

Other Considerations

When There's No Work to Be Found Updated 2/15/09

Utilities: Heat Light, Water and Oil

Home Security

How to Earn Money Online

Updated 3/3/09

A Guide for Parishes and Individuals




Modest Clothing for Christian Women

Look Feminine Not Frumpy, Coupon Codes, Discounts, Resource for Swimsuits

Aprons: The Garment of the Domestic Vocation

Baptism Gifts

Prayer Quilts

Where to Find Religious Quilt Fabrics

Jesus and Mary Fabric

Angel Fabrics

Update Coming Soon

Children's Prayer Quilt Fabric

Crosses and Christian Motifs

Celestial Fabrics

Update Coming Soon


Catholics and Entertainment

Updated 4/20/2009

Catholic Night at the Movies

The Saints: Our Superheroes

More Soon

Our Catholic Faith and the Military

Military Holy Medals and Rosaries

Update Coming Soon



Catholic Costume Main Page

Jesus Mary Apostles and Biblical Era Costumes

Angel Costumes

Nun Costumes

Priest Friar Monk Costumes

Saints Who Were Kings

Saints Who Were Queens

Saints Who Were Warriors

V Saint Michael the Archangel V Saint George the Dragon Slayer V Saint Joan of Arc V  Saint Ignatius of Loyola V More

Other Popular Saint Costumes

St Agnes - St Agatha - St Cecilia  St Elizabeth Ann Seton - Bl Kateri Tekakwitha - St Lucy - St Maximilian Kolbe

Lord of the Rings Costumes

Narnia Costumes

How to Make a St Bridget's Cross

2007 Catholic Costume Contest Winners

Adult Costumes for Good Friday Passion Play



January 13, 2010 - Still Working on This!